In the digital age, content is paramount. Not only does it represent your brand, but it also interacts with your audience on a level traditional mediums can't achieve

Our Digital Directory Packages are more than just technology; they are a marriage of carefully chosen content, calibrated to resonate with diverse audiences. Each package is enriched with a range of content that communicates, educates, and engages, from crisp visuals to interactive modules. We believe that every space has a unique story, and our digital content is designed to bring that narrative to life.

Moreover, as the digital sphere continues to expand, the need for dynamic and adaptable content becomes undeniable. Static displays are a relic of the past. Modern audiences desire interaction, real-time updates, and content that evolves with the times. Recognizing this, our packages are not static but are equipped with the tools and capabilities to update and refresh as your needs evolve. Whether it’s integrating the latest news feeds, showcasing rotating art exhibitions, or providing seasonal updates, our digital content ensures that your space remains contemporary, relevant, and deeply engaging.


Directory Classic

· Cloud-Based Content Management

· Slideshow Scheduling

· News Streaming & Current Day Weather Updates

· Unlimited Remote Software Support

· Interactive/Static Directory Software

· Customizable Branded Screens

· User-Specific Content

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Directory Plus

Includes everything from Directory Classic, along with the following:

· Five Day Weather Forecasts

· On-Screen Announcements

· Slideshow Scheduling

· Integrated Event Calendar

· Local Attractions & Highlights

· Single Live Stream Infotainment Feed

· Directory to Mobile QR Code

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Media Stream

Includes everything from Directory Plus, along with the following:

· News Feeds

· Weather Maps

· Sports Information

· Financial Updates

· Industry-Specific News

· Audience-Targeted Information

· Transit & Traffic Information

· Social Media Streams

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Includes everything from Directory Plus, along with the following:

· 2D or 3D Maps

· Point-to-Point Pathways

· Animated Pathways

· Color-Keyed Maps

· Scan-to-Mobile Maps

· Multi-Building Directions

· Multi-Platform Accessibility

· Interactive Points of Interest

· Customizable Themes

· Accessible Routing Options

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