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Streamlined Information and Enhanced Accessibility for Government Agencies

Deliver Information with Advanced Digital Solutions

Discover our cutting-edge digital solutions tailored specifically for the government sector. Explore dynamic digital directories, engaging signage, intelligent conference room management software, interactive wayfinding displays with maps, and comprehensive directory software. We provide a diverse range of tools to maximize efficiency and foster effective communication within your government organization.

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Digital Directories

SmartSpace™ – Meeting & Conference Room Signs

Smartboard™ - Digital Poster Stands

InfoMosaic™ - Digital Wall Systems

Directory2Mobile™ - QR Code Data Access

DirectoryNOW™ - Rapid Deployment Directory Software™

Simplify information retrieval and enhance citizen navigation with our digital directories and messaging boards for government agencies. Our user-centric solutions cater to citizens of all ages, enabling them to swiftly locate the appropriate office, department, or service desk. Seamlessly share public notices, meeting schedules, and announcements while fostering inclusivity through multilingual navigation and listings that resonate with diverse communities.

Indoor & Outdoor Displays and Kiosks: Effortless Wayfinding at Your Fingertips

Guide citizens to their desired destinations effortlessly through our intuitive digital wall displays and free-standing kiosks. With user-friendly maps, mobile information, and multilingual capabilities, expand your outreach and empower community members to access information instantly. Perfect for government buildings, campuses, bustling areas, and outdoor spaces, our ADA-compliant kiosks ensure an inclusive digital experience, designed to be accessible to all.

Digital Content & Wayfinding: Simplify Communications and Navigation

Optimize staff resources and streamline visitor experiences by providing comprehensive digital content and wayfinding solutions. Whether simplifying jury duty processes or aiding in locating courtrooms, our customizable solutions alleviate common communication challenges. Offering multilingual options, our 2D or 3D wayfinding maps and directions enable citizens to effortlessly orient themselves and navigate to their desired locations.

Multilanguage Digital Content Options: For a Diverse Audience

Create an inclusive experience for your agency by offering multilingual directories, ensuring citizens can access services, departments, and information in their preferred language. Our digital directories can display listings, navigation buttons, and information headers in multiple languages, promoting accessibility. A second language is included for on-screen navigation, with additional languages available at an extra cost. Allow us to assist you in providing translated content or multilingual content through our user-friendly EDC Content Management System. Contact us for a consultation to enhance your agency’s communication capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Direct citizens and visitors to the right place and department for services

  • Connect displays with your website for effortless information delivery on displays, kiosks, video walls and text-to-mobile capability from any of those devices

  • Post forms and information using QR codes to promote information and services

  • Deliver content in multiple languages to serve diverse communities easily

  • Provide listings and wayfinding directions to courtrooms for all courthouse visitors

  • Show court cases and hearings being held within individual courtrooms to ensure that people get to the right place on time

  • Honor donors, veterans, volunteers, foundations, students, athletes & others

  • Recognize accomplishments while also displaying events, news, messaging and more

  • Update the content easily from our online portal