Digital Meeting Room Signage

Introducing EDC’s SmartSpace™: Enhance your conference facilities and hybrid workspaces effortlessly. Our conference and meeting room signage streamlines meeting management. Displaying real-time room availability, scheduled meetings, and ongoing events, it prevents double bookings and saves time.

SmartSpace™ software provides a centralized platform for booking, managing, and tracking reservations, offering intuitive interfaces, customization options, and robust reporting features. From conference rooms to flex office spaces and shared desks, EDC offers tailored solutions to meet your workspace needs.

SmartSpace™ easily manages reservations through common calendar tools, eliminating the need to confirm room availability. Upgrade your workspace experience with EDC’s SmartSpace™ digital office signage today.

Flexible Office Signage: Empowering Co-Working Spaces

• Manage Diverse Spaces: From open floor plans to flex co-working stations, EDC’s SmartSpace™ empower you to reserve both traditional and non-traditional meeting room spaces.

• Hybrid Office Solutions: Easily repurpose signage for a dynamic post-pandemic workplace, delivering smart hybrid office solutions.

• Elegant Designs and Easy Integration: EDC’s SmartSpace™ innovative solutions offer user-friendly experiences and artistic designs. Our digital conference room management suite seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar.

• Simple to Setup: Setup & provisioning takes just a few quick steps. You will have your first tablets up and primary status board running in minutes! SmartSpace™ gives you everything you need to coordinate, schedule, and organize your meeting rooms and workspaces. We keep things simple & manageable.

Hybrid & Shared Workspaces

EDC offers a complete hybrid and shared workspace solution, including conference room signage and a scheduling status board. Easily manage shared offices and hoteling desks with our room signage and reservation system.

• Display all reservations on a centrally located meeting room status board. Everything is managed through user-friendly cloud-based software.

• Enable on-the-spot reservations using popular tools like Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook for reserving spots.

• Reserve co-working and shared desks and instantly see who has reserved the desk for the day.