Experience the Future of Digital Signage: Introducing SmartBoard™ by EDC

Elevate your digital signage experience with EDC’s SmartBoard™ – where captivating your audience is paramount. Say goodbye to ordinary posters and signs and embrace the extraordinary. Our content management software is tailored for business users, eliminating the need for IT or Graphic Designers. Unlock a world of possibilities without unnecessary expenses or complexities.

With the SmartBoard intuitive platform, you can effortlessly login, update your content, and publish it, leaving outdated posters in the past. Step into the realm of real-time messaging and dynamic engagement. Our industry-standard basic platform provides a secure cloud-based portal, unlimited online listings management, seamless content scheduling, regular software updates, live news and weather feeds, and unlimited remote support.

But that’s not all! Immerse yourself in branded design themes, take control with messaging, explore local area amenities, and captivate with scannable QR codes. Manage multiple displays effortlessly and even unlock the power of video streaming.

We’ve streamlined the entire process, from content gathering to tailored designs that perfectly showcase your message. Our efficient media player flawlessly loads and displays your content. Setting up a SmartBoard is a breeze – attach the display, connect to power, and let your media player join your WiFi network.

Rest easy with the SmartBoardthree-year warranty for added peace of mind. And our commitment to support never wavers. Benefit from unlimited remote assistance, ensuring you are covered from day one. It is the all-in-one solution you’ve been waiting for – an exceptional product, curated design experience, and unwavering support, all in perfect harmony.

Unleash the Possibilities: Embrace the Power of a Digital Poster Stand

Unlock limitless possibilities with SmartBoard digital signage. Our versatile solution is purpose-built for spaces where effective messaging is crucial for both the facility and viewers.

• Transform it into a dynamic digital building directory and information station.

• Showcase services and corporate news, captivating small lobbies.

• Effortlessly schedule announcements for specific dates, times, and durations.

• Share classroom schedules, education announcements, and more.

• Enhance government and city services announcements with interactive QR codes.

• Promote building services, amenities, and upcoming events.

• Engage audiences with captivating advertisements and retail specials, in static or video formats.

• Guide people to special events and keep them informed of facility news.

And this is just the beginning! Contact us for a demo and explore the plethora of other exciting ideas we have in store for you.


Enhance Your Digital Display: Introducing the SmartBoard™ Flat Panel Floor Stand

Transform any public area into a captivating visual experience with the SmartBoardFlat Panel Floor Stand. This sturdy and versatile stand is engineered to securely showcase digital content in conference rooms, lobbies, or convention centers.

Experience unmatched flexibility with the ability to display a single panel, two panels back-to-back, or two panels in portrait orientation. Need even more impact? Add up to four panels in landscape or portrait orientation with an additional accessory (dual-display cartridge).

Safety and security are paramount. Our integrated security fasteners lock the displays in place, virtually eliminating the risk of theft. Plus, our innovative internal cable management system ensures a clean, professional installation by hiding all wires and cables.

Key Features:

• Integrated Cable Management: Protects, contains, and conceals cables for a polished, clutter-free setup.

• Heavy-Duty Steel Base: Provides exceptional stability and ensures the safety of your displays.

• Height Adjustable: Customize the height on 72″ (1829mm) poles for the perfect viewing angle.

• Portrait or Landscape Display Orientation: Choose the orientation that suits your content best.

• Versatile Compatibility: Fits single displays or easily accommodates back-to-back displays (up to four with additional dual-display cartridge).

Take your digital display to the next level with the SmartBoard™ Flat Panel Floor Stand. Elevate your visual impact and create a lasting impression on your audience.