EDC Digital Wayfinding: Enhance Navigation, Empower Visitors

Take full control of your property’s layout, rooms, and pathways with EDC’s Digital Wayfinding solution. Say goodbye to confusion and welcome efficiency as we offer static or animated 2D/3D maps, ensuring visitors reach their destination faster and with ease. Each Digital Wayfinding destination comes with a scannable QR code, enabling seamless integration with visitors’ mobile devices. Collaborate with our design experts to determine the most effective map format for your facility.

Key Features of our Digital Wayfinding Solution:

• Contactless, QR Code-to-Mobile: allowing visitors to take the wayfinding map with them by effortlessly scanning a QR code on the screen with their mobile devices.

• Animated Paths: Dynamic, animated pathways guide visitors with turn-by-turn directions, ensuring a smooth navigation experience.

• 2D or 3D Maps: Our team will meticulously design 2D or 3D wayfinding maps tailored to your floor plans, ensuring an optimal user experience and seamless navigation.

• Campus Wayfinding: Seamlessly navigate vast campuses and effortlessly locate buildings with our intuitive wayfinding solution.

• Ongoing Wayfinding Services: Benefit from EDC’s dedicated team that will keep your maps up to date, ensuring accuracy as your facility evolves.

• Empower your visitors with intuitive navigation and optimize their experience with EDC Digital Wayfinding.