InfoMosaic™: Elevate Your Lobby's Information Delivery with Captivating Digital Displays

EDC specializes in crafting bespoke Digital Information wall systems tailored to your specific industry or application. Our cutting-edge digital information displays have the capability to showcase Public Announcements, Events, Advertising, Schedules, News, Weather, Traffic Information, and a multitude of other captivating content that can be strategically placed in various sections on the screen. You can even integrate a Digital Directory and effortlessly manage all the information through our intuitive Content Management System.

InfoMosaic is an exceptional enhancement to augment your lobby’s information delivery prowess. The dynamic digital signage is capable of displaying virtually anything you desire the public to see, ensuring a truly immersive and captivating experience.

InfoMosaic boasts effortless updatability and can be conveniently maintained from any location. Our digital information wall systems are perfectly suited for a diverse range of applications, including:

• Compelling messaging and immersive event displays

• Seamless navigational aids for medical campuses and hospitals

• Wayfinding solutions and department directories for educational campuses

• Comprehensive information directories for government buildings

• Engaging community services information boards

• Convenient retail shopping directories for enhanced customer experiences

• Inspiring donor walls and showcasing organization members’ information

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digital information boards
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Ignite the Potential of Your Space: Explore Compelling Digital Displays and Video Walls for Lasting Impressions

Experience the transformative power of our awe-inspiring digital information boards and Video walls, boasting expansive size, vibrant visuals, and captivating engagement. These remarkable digital canvases are the epitome of immersive content experiences, where stunning digital artwork seamlessly blends with relevant information, breathing life into showpiece spaces.

Embrace the cutting-edge technology and sleek screen designs of today, which have made large format digital displays and video wall options more affordable and accessible than ever before. Our team of seasoned experts stands ready to guide you in crafting an unparalleled experience and curating the perfect digital presentation for your indoor or outdoor spaces. Elevate your environment with our exceptional solutions today.