Experience the Power of Digital Campus Communications

Digital Communications as a Service

In the dynamic world of education, providing a seamless and engaging campus experience is essential. Introducing Digital Campus Maps & Directory Kiosks, a groundbreaking solution designed to revolutionize how students, visitors, and families navigate your educational institution.

Guide individuals to retail areas, dining options, classrooms, and campus events, ensuring they never miss a beat. kiosks offer effortless access to classroom and department directories. With easy-to-manage student messaging, captivating visual displays, and a host of features tailored to the education industry, our Digital Solutions enhance campus navigation, elevate the student experience, and reinforce your institution’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

Key Features

  • Guide students, visitors, and families to retail, dining, classrooms, and campus events

  • Strategically placed interactive kiosks enhance navigation and manage foot traffic

  • Seamlessly connect displays to website for easy access to directories

  • Keep students informed with wellness tips, inspiration, calendars, and news

  • Deliver messages, events, and information visually and on mobile devices

  • Offer ADA-compliant, multilingual digital building directories

  • Showcase achievements through recognition boards

  • Prioritize safety with messaging and versatile display options

  • Stay informed about traffic and weather conditions

Upgrade campus navigation along with enhanced information delivery for students, faculty, and visitors. Unlock the potential of our innovative digital solutions to deliver a forward-looking on-campus experience.

The Next Generation of Digital Tools for the Education Sector

Explore our innovative digital solutions designed specifically for the education sector. Discover dynamic digital directories, engaging signage, intelligent conference room management software, interactive wayfinding displays with maps, and comprehensive directory software. We offer a range of tools to optimize efficiency and foster effective communication within your educational institution.

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