Retail Spaces Come Alive With Smart Digital Signage

Retail stores, shopping centers, and malls have undergone remarkable metamorphoses, surpassing their conventional structures. Shopping encounters have become increasingly captivating. The bygone days of solely depending on pedestrian flow are now distant memories. Contemporary technology empowers enterprises to actively engage with and glean invaluable knowledge from customers in unprecedented ways.

Enclosed malls are morphing into thriving open-air shopping havens. Customers presently seek enticing offers on their handheld devices prior to setting foot inside stores. In the midst of these sweeping transformations, EDC presents a compelling solution to enable you to harness this potential. How? By means of:

  • :Interactive Retail Directories: Shape the consumer experience when they visit your retail and mixed-use spaces.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Kiosks: Seamlessly update directories, promotions, maps, and more using our integrations with leading retail solutions.
  • Mixed-Use Wayfinding: Provide captivating 2D and 3D maps, customized to local settings, with mobile-to-map capabilities that guide shoppers and visitors to food, shopping, and nearby mixed-use attractions.
  • Tenant Advertising: Intermingle featured tenants with your shopping directory and retail campus messages, effortlessly rotating the content.

Discover our comprehensive retail directories that effortlessly guide visitors to vibrant retail, dining, entertainment, and pop-up destinations. Capture the attention of customers with strategically placed interactive displays that attract foot traffic. Easily manage your directories by connecting the displays with your website. Our successful offerings include:

  • Immersive 2D & 3D Wayfinding Maps
  • Dynamic Shopping Directories
  • Leasing Information
  • Website Auto-Integration

Maximize the benefits of EDC digital displays for enhanced insights with:

  • Consumer Interaction Analytics
  • Tailored Content
  • Real-Time Transit Information
  • Scan-to-Mobile Directions & Promotions
  • Traffic Updates
  • Weather Conditions

Transforming Retail Experiences

Elevate your retail environment with our cutting-edge digital solutions. Transform your shopping center or retail outlet into a dynamic and engaging space that attracts and retains customers. Contact us today to explore how our advanced digital solutions can revolutionize your retail spaces and drive success in the competitive marketplace.

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