Where Simplicity Meets Efficiency

Introducing Directory Classic – the quintessential choice for those seeking a blend of simplicity and efficiency in a digital directory package. We’ve carefully curated the foundational tools you need to create a powerful, engaging, and adaptive directory experience.

Harness the power of Cloud-Based Content Management, enabling you to update, modify, and manage your content effortlessly from anywhere. Say goodbye to restrictive hardware dependencies and embrace the flexibility of the cloud.

Slideshow Scheduling ensures your screens are always fresh, timely, and relevant. Whether you want to spotlight special promotions, important announcements, or any other dynamic content, our system allows you to queue up your visuals with ease.

Stay updated and keep your audience informed with News Streaming & Current Day Weather Updates. These real-time feeds not only add a layer of interactivity but also make your directory a go-to spot for quick, essential updates.

Never feel stranded with our Unlimited Remote Software Support. Whether you have a question, face an unexpected challenge, or simply need guidance, our team is just a click away, ensuring your directory runs smoothly 24/7.

Choose between Interactive or Static Directory Software based on your audience’s needs. Whether you want touch-based interactivity or a straightforward static display, Directory Classic caters to both.

Infuse your brand’s essence with our Customizable Branded Screens. Tailor visuals, colors, and content to align perfectly with your organization’s identity, ensuring a cohesive and memorable user experience.

Lastly, deliver a unique viewing experience with User-Specific Content. Tailor the displayed information to specific user groups, creating a personalized touch that resonates and engages.

With Directory Classic, you’re not just investing in a digital directory—you’re choosing a partner dedicated to enhancing your user’s navigation and informational journey. Simple to set up, easy to manage, and packed with essential features, it’s the ideal solution for businesses and venues of all sizes. Dive into the future of digital directories, elegantly streamlined for your convenience.

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