Added Features for the Modern Digital User

When it comes to a premier digital experience, our offering stands unparalleled. Building on the solid foundation of our Directory Classic, this enhanced package offers a blend of features designed to cater to today’s digital-savvy audience.

Stay Ahead with Timely Updates
Equip your visitors with foresight. Our Five-Day Weather Forecasts ensure they’re abreast of local weather conditions, keeping unexpected surprises at bay.

Engage and Inform
Take your communications up a notch. With On-Screen Announcements, you can convey essential messages promptly, ensuring everyone stays informed. Further, our Slideshow Scheduling capability allows for the seamless showcasing of images, making your directory not just informational but visually captivating.

Keep Everyone in the Loop
The Integrated Event Calendar is perfect for those who wish to stay updated on upcoming events and activities. Whether it’s a local gathering or a significant event, your visitors will appreciate the convenience of having this information at their fingertips.

Showcase Local Wonders
Directory Plus goes beyond just basic directory functions. Introduce your visitors to the best your locality has to offer with Local Attractions & Highlights. Whether it’s a renowned eatery, a hidden park, or a buzzing market, give them a sneak peek into the local gems that await their discovery.

Engage with Dynamic Content
Elevate your directory’s content with a Single Live Stream Infotainment Feed. This feature ensures your audience is not just informed but also entertained, creating a dynamic user experience.

Effortless Digital Integration
In the age of smartphones, we’ve integrated a Directory to Mobile QR Code feature, allowing users to quickly access directory information on their mobile devices. Whether they’re on the go or wish to save information for later, this QR code bridges the gap between desktop and mobile with ease.

Upgrade today and provide your visitors with a digital directory service that’s truly next-level.

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