EDC’s Digital Wayfinding solution gives you complete control of your property’s floor plans, rooms, and paths. We can provide static or animated 2D or 3D maps to get visitors to their destination quicker and with less confusion. Each Digital Wayfinding destination can have a scannable QR code so it can be taken along on the visitor’s mobile device. Work with our design staff to determine the most effective map format for your facility.

  • • Contactless, QR code-to-Mobile. Our Directory2Mobile feature lets the wayfinding map go with you by easily scanning a QR code on the screen with your mobile device.
  • • Animated Paths. Pathways are animated with dynamically drawn lines indicating turn-by-turn directions to your destination.
  • • 2D or 3D Maps.  We will design 2D or 3D wayfinding maps based on your floor plans and the type of wayfinding required for an optimal user experience.
  • • Campus Wayfinding. Visitors can easily navigate large campuses and find their way between buildings.
  • • EDC’s Ongoing Wayfinding Services. Our team will keep your maps up-to-date, as your facility changes.

Digital Wayfinding Directory Examples