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EDC’s Digital Directories and Wayfinding solutions provide a modern and clear solution. Digital directories are the perfect tool to help your visitors access important information and directions so they can get to their final destination. Our directories assist your organization in projecting a modern and professional image to both visitors and tenants. If you’re looking to improve the experience of everyone who comes through your building and increase your level of service, a digital directory is the perfect choice.

Ready to upgrade from fixed non-digital signage to digital building directory signage? We are here to help your project be affordable and successful. EDC’s digital directories can be as streamlined or complex as desired. From static non-touch digital directories to interactive wayfinding directories with RSS feeds, News/Weather, streaming media, and a host of other information, our directory software can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Interactive Digital Directories

EDC Interactive Directories incorporate a touchscreen that allows the user to “drill-down” to their selection. With an EDC interactive touchscreen building directory system, you can customize your digital directory signage with real-time feeds displaying news, weather, transit and traffic information and much more. Interactive Touchscreen Directories provide flexibility along with the ability to add a virtually limitless number of entries and information pages.


Non-Touch Digital Directories

An EDC Non-Touch Directory is a perfect low-cost Digital Directory solution when a touchscreen is not required. Unlike traditional static directories that require plastic strips or letters, a Non-Touch Digital Directory is easy to update from any browser.

The following are some of our digital directory product features:

Cloud-Based Secure Content Updating Portal
Periodic Software and Security Updates
Robust Digital Directory software and Captivating Screen Designs
Digital Slideshows
On-screen Announcements
Streaming News and Weather Forecasts
Directory2Mobile QR code scanning
Interactive Area Amenities
Realtime Traffic Map
On-Screen Video Content
Infotainment Feeds (Sports, Business News, Health and Lifestyle News, and More!)
Events Listings Using Outlook 365 or Google Calendars
Visitor & Tenant Communications using QR Codes
Multi-Language Navigation
Realtime Transit and Traffic Information

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