The LINEA Series is a digital directory that recesses neatly into a wall and designed to present a very clean and custom appearance. Available in 22", 32", 40", 49", 55", 65" and 75" screen sizes. Standard finishes include brushed stainless steel along with an array of powder coat colors. Available in both Interactive and Static (non-touch) Solutions.
Horizontal (Landscape)
LIN22H (22″ Screen) Exterior Dimensions 17.44″H x 25.64″W x 4″D Viewable Area 10.56″H x 18.77″W LIN32H (32″ Screen) Exterior Dimensions 22.35″H x 34.38″W x 4″D Viewable Area 15.50″H x 27.50″W LIN40H (40″ Screen) Exterior Dimensions 26.40″H x 41.78″W x 5″D Viewable Area 19.60″H x 34.90″W
LIN49H (49″ Screen) Exterior Dimensions 30.36”H x 48.85”W x 4”D Viewable Area 23.97”H x 42.32”W LIN55H (55″ Screen) Exterior Dimensions 34.95″H x 55.79″W x 5″D Viewable Area 26.79″H x 47.62″W LIN65H (65″ Screen) Exterior Dimensions 40.63″H x 65.23″W x 5″D Viewable Area 31.75″H x 56.35″W
Vertical (Portrait)
LIN22V (22″ Screen) Exterior Dimensions 25.64″H x 17.44″W x 4″D Viewable Area 18.77″H x 10.56″W LIN32V (32″ Screen) Exterior Dimensions 34.38″H x 22.38″W x 4″D Viewable Area 27.50″H x 15.50″W LIN40V (40″ Screen) Exterior Dimensions 43.02″H x 27.79″W x 5″D Viewable Area 35.14″H x 19.91″W
LIN49V (49″ Screen) Exterior Dimensions 49.35”H x 30.86”W x 4”D Viewable Area 42.32”H x 23.97”W LIN55V (55″ Screen) Exterior Dimensions 56.83″H x 36.00″W x 5″D Viewable Area 47.62″H x 26.79″W LIN65V (65″ Screen) Exterior Dimensions 65.22″H x 40.63″W x 5″D Viewable Area 56.35″H x 31.75″W
A directory engineered with an ADA-compliant enclosure that easily attaches to the surface of any type of wall, the ADA Series is our premium line of surface mounted digital directories. Available in 22″, 32″, 40″, 49″, 55”, and 65″ screen sizes with enclosures in both horizontal and vertical orientations. Learn More >
A great option when a kiosk styled directory is either desired or circumstances require it, our sleek and attractive Free-Standing Directories are available in three models with screen sizes of 22″, 27″, 32″, 49″, and 55″. Learn More >
The Desktop Series is a space-efficient directory solution within an attractive stainless steel or powder coated enclosure. The Directory can be installed on any flat horizontal surfaces using the specially designed stand. Available in both Interactive and Static (non-touch) Solutions. Learn More >
We will design and engineer a custom directory to the exact measurements of your current directory. EDC specializes in retrofitting all types of older style directories with new electronic directories and creating custom designed enclosures that fit the lobby’s motif. Learn More >
The ALL WEATHER SERIES Digital Static Directories are water-resistant, resilient, and durable— guaranteed to function safely and effectively in a wide variety of elements including rain, snow, extreme heat and cold, dust, salt air, and beyond. Its powder-coated exterior shields internal components … and the ultra-bright, full 1080p HD / LED anti-glare screen delivers exceptional outdoor viewing quality. Learn More >
freestanding 42/47
EDC has a solution to meet your organization's Digital directory or Signage requirements. Choose from either an Interactive or Digital Static Directory. EDC can also create a Digital Signage solution incorporating a wide array of on-screen and software options.


EDC’s in-house design team develops and engineers all of its products and enclosures. Years of field testing and refining our products had led to the highest quality digital directory and signage systems on the market.


We manufacture all of our enclosures in the Unites States. EDC does not out-source any of its manufacturing to overseas factories or purchase pre-fabricated enclosures.


The EDC development team’s primary focus is on building easy-to-use software and creating visually rich designs that will not only deliver information but will WOW your audience with fresh and appealing content.


EDC offers our customers a variety of installation options. Our nationwide network of field technicians will arrive on-site to install enclosures, hardware and software, and field test the systems for functionality. Our technicians will make sure that your new digital directory or sign system is up and running.


EDC’s in-house design team develops and engineers all of its products and enclosures. Years of field testing and refining our products had led to the highest quality digital directory and signage systems on the market.


EDC's attention to detail does not stop with the product. After the installation, your purchase will be covered under our 24-month full replacement warranty. Advanced technology combined with the best warranty in the industry are just a few reasons why EDC is the most qualified company to assist you with your electronic directory or digital sign system needs.


EDC utilizes the highest quality digital products. We deploy brand name displays and media players, designed to withstand wear and tear. Our software is run through rigorous quality control checks to make certain that the product works flawlessly out of the box.


Our on-line Content Management System (CMS) is designed with the user in mind. EDC has designed the user interface to be extremely intuitive so that anyone in your organization can make changes to content without extensive training.
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