Mobile Directory
EDC Mobile Directories provide an effective touchless option for your interactive (touchscreen) directory. By scanning an on-screen QR code, your visitors can send content from your digital directory to their mobile device.
Anti-Microbial Film
A medical-grade anti-microbial agent in EDC's screen protectors inhibits the growth of harmful pathogens that tend to gather and multiply on the screen’s surface. EDC's screen protectors also hide reflections that often appear on displays. Their unique matte finish offers unparalleled resistance to scrapes and scratches.

Benefits of a Digital Directory
– quick and easy updates from any web browser
– informative content elements can be added
(i.e. news, weather, traffic and transit, etc.)
– slideshow can be added to cycle images and information
– additional info: area map, amenities, wayfinding, available space, etc.
– enhances the look of your facility