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“The ADA Classic”
32″ Surface Mounted Digital Directories

Elevate Your Space: Revolutionize the way you display information with our ADA-compliant, user-friendly digital directories. Perfect for offices, malls, and public spaces.

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“ADA Slimline”
32″ – 65″ Surface Mounted Digital Directories

Our newest addition to our product line, the ADA Slimline Series. A surface mounted directory featuring a compact and contemporary style.

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32″ Free Standing Kiosks

Interact with Ease: These versatile kiosks are designed for maximum user engagement and functionality. Ideal for information points, retail, and events

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“Metropolitan 55”
Interactive and Non-touch Kiosks

Engage and Impress: Whether you choose interactive or non-touch, these kiosks offer an unparalleled experience in digital interaction. Great for showrooms, education, and interactive displays.

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Sale Highlights:

· Limited Time Offer: This is our biggest sale of the year, and it’s only available until December 31st, 2023. (EXTENDED THRU 1/15/2024)

· Best Prices Guaranteed: We’re offering the lowest prices ever on these select products.

· Custom Solutions: Need something tailored? Our team is ready to meet your specific requirements.

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· Innovative Design: Blending functionality with style.

· User-Centric: Easy to use and accessible to all.

· Quality Assurance: Durable, reliable, and built to last.

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