Venture™ Freestanding Outdoor Kiosk

The Venture Freestanding Outdoor Kiosk boasts a high-resolution, outdoor-rated display securely mounted on a durable, weather-proof stand. These kiosks are perfectly suited for a variety of settings such as outdoor malls, city halls, commercial real estate campuses, hospitals, college campuses, and public spaces including memorial walls, visitor centers, transportation hubs, and convention centers.

Design and Accessibility:

• ADA Compliant: Ensures easy access for wheelchair users.
• Versatile Applications: Ideal for displaying building directories, campus maps, government services information, and mixed-use area directories.

Ideal Locations:

• Outdoor malls
• City halls
• Commercial real estate campuses
• Hospitals
• College campuses
• Memorial walls
• Visitor centers
• Transportation hubs
• Convention centers

Key Features:

• High-Resolution Display: Offers exceptional clarity and readability in outdoor environments.
• Weather-Proof Stand: Engineered to withstand various weather conditions, providing long-lasting durability.

Additional Information: The Venture Kiosk provides a reliable and accessible solution for enhancing user experience across diverse outdoor public spaces, ensuring vital information is easily accessible and engaging

When your application requires the best...

Introducing the EDC All-Weather Series Commercial-Grade Optically Bonded Outdoor Surface Mounted Directory, featuring a rust-free aluminum body and high-brightness LED panels (2000 to 3,000 nits). The robust anti-glare, anti-reflective glass, bonded using advanced adhesives, ensures superior clarity.

Built for Quality: Manufactured in the USA, the All-Weather Series ensures consistent quality. It’s the ideal solution for outdoor high-traffic areas.

Protection, Clarity, & Durability: The specially engineered OBX Series features chemically treated glass bonded to the panels, reducing reflection and glare while increasing contrast. This optical bonding drastically improves readability and performance in direct sunlight.

Brightest Outdoor Displays: The All-Weather Series offers unparalleled brightness (2000 to 3,000 nits), meeting all commercial needs.

Heavy-Duty Power Supply: All displays are equipped with commercial-grade power supplies to withstand harsh environments and heavy use.

Media & Cable Storage: The weather-tight media compartment accommodates a digital media player, with a cable access port designed to prevent water ingress.

IP55 Rating: With an IP55 rating, our All-Weather Outdoor TVs are protected against dust, water, and extreme temperature changes.

Designer Colors: Available in three premium powder-coated colors, the All-Weather Series adapts to any environment, with a standard Satin Black back.

All Weather Screen Sizes

Our all weather screens are available in the following sizes:
32″, 43″, 49″, 55″, 65″, 75″

EDC’s All-Weather Outdoor Surface Mounted Directories are the pinnacle of durability and visibility in harsh outdoor conditions. Engineered to withstand extreme weather, these directories boast a standard brightness of 3000 NITs, the highest available for outdoor displays, ensuring exceptional clarity and readability even in direct sunlight.
Their robust construction and weather-proof design make them ideal for various environments, from bustling city centers to remote transportation hubs. Installation is a breeze, with versatile mounting options allowing them to be easily affixed to outdoor walls, mounting stands, or architecturally designed surfaces. Whether for wayfinding, advertising, or informational purposes, EDC’s directories provide unmatched performance and reliability, making them a critical asset for any outdoor setting demanding high visibility and endurance.