A great option when the space requires a kiosk styled digital building directory. Our sleek and attractive Free-Standing Digital Directories are available in three models. Screen sizes range from 22″ to 55″. Our Standard finishes include brushed stainless steel along with an array of powder coat colors.



Models and Dimensions

DEL27 (27″ Screen)

Exterior 52.07”H x 27.52”W x 2.50″D Base: 27.52″W x 22.00”D Viewable Area 13.23”H x 23.53”W

DEL32 (32″ Screen)

Exterior 54.09”H x 31.50”W x 3.00″D Base: 31.50″W x 24.00”D Viewable Area 15.5”H x 27.5”W


Models and Dimensions

ECH32 (32″ Screen)

Exterior 48.00”H x 31.5”W
Viewable Area 15.50”H
x 27.50”W Round Base 12.00”W Octagon Base:16.00″W

ECH43 (43″ Screen)

Exterior 54.27”H x 47.58″W  Viewable Area: 20.84”H
x 37.05”W Round Base: 12.00″W Octagon Base:16.00″W

ECH55 (55″ Screen)

Exterior 50.75”H x 54.62″W Viewable Area: 26.79”H
x 47.62”W Round Base: 12.00″W Octagon Base:16.00″W


Models and Dimensions

MIR43 (43″ Screen)

Exterior 76.75”H x 28.98”W
x 3.63″D Base: 36″W x 22”D Viewable Area 37.05”H x 20.84”W

MIR55 (55″ Screen)

Exterior 86.87”H x 32.79”W
x 3.625″D Base: 40″W x 22”D Viewable Area 47.62”H x 26.79”W