Performance Series Kiosks

Navigator Free-standing Kiosk

A NAVIGATOR free-standing digital directory kiosk offers several benefits in various settings. The kiosk provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface for visitors to quickly locate information. If fitted with a touchscreen, it enables easy navigation and searching, eliminating the need for printed directories and reducing paper waste. The kiosk’s sleek design and eye-catching display make it a modern and attractive addition to any environment, enhancing the overall aesthetics.
Additionally, it can be easily updated in real-time, ensuring that the information displayed remains current and accurate. This versatility and dynamic nature make NAVIGATOR free-standing digital directory kiosks an efficient and cost-effective solution for efficient information retrieval and an enhanced visitor experience.

The Navigator Free Standing Kiosk features:
• Modern, hourglass body design with a curved, corner display cover
• Display lines flush with the kiosk window for a clean look
• Media player and cables neatly stored in the body for a professional finish
• Unobtrusive design can be free standing or bolted to floor for increased safety and security
• Six outlet, UL approved surge suppressor with 6′ cord to protect voltage-sensitive components from
damaging power surges
• Delivers pre-assembled to simplify installation of entire solution

Models and Dimensions

43ʺ Display
Exterior Dimensions:
53.6ʺH x 41.9ʺW x 18.5ʺD
Viewable Area:
20.84”H x 37.05”W

50ʺ Display
Exterior Dimensions:
55.0ʺH x 48.1 ʺW x 18.5ʺD
Viewable Area:
24.51”H x 43.58”W

55ʺ Display
Exterior Dimensions:
56.15ʺH x 52.4ʺW x 18.5ʺD
Viewable Area:
26.79”H x 47.62”W

Available in a durable Black or Silver
powder coat finish.

Metropolitan Free-standing Kiosk

The METROPOLITAN 55-inch Digital Free-Standing Kiosk offers a wide range of benefits that make it an excellent choice for both passive and interactive directories and information boards. Its large size and high-definition display provide stunning visuals, allowing you to captivate your audience and deliver impactful messages. Whether you’re showcasing informational content, or wayfinding services, the METROPOLITAN ensures an immersive and engaging experience.

The Metropolitan Free Standing Kiosk features:
Ultra HD Resolution (4K) 55” screen
• 400-nit brightness and 1,300:1 contrast ratio
• Easy LAN Control with an integrated RJ45 connection
• Contemporary sleek and slim free-standing design
• Anti-scratch, Anti-glare Glass Faceplate
• 10-point touch (interactive systems only)
• Lockable door keeps things secure and out of sight

Models and Dimensions

55″ Display
Exterior Dimensions:
73.6″H x 30.3″W x 17.7″D
Viewable Area:
47.62”H x 26.79”W

Gemini Double-Sided Free-standing Kiosk

The GEMINI Free-Standing Double-Sided Kiosk offers numerous benefits, making it an excellent choice for businesses and organizations. First and foremost, its sleek and modern design provides an attractive and professional appearance, enhancing the overall aesthetics of any environment. The kiosk’s double-sided portrait orientation allows for efficient use of space, making it ideal for areas with limited room while maintaining high functionality.
Another key advantage of the GEMINI is its versatility. The kiosk is equipped with two high-resolution displays, offering crisp and vibrant visuals, which can be easily customized to showcase dynamic content, including advertisements, announcements, and interactive applications. This versatility enables businesses to engage with their audience effectively and deliver compelling messages.
The GEMINI is also built with durability and security in mind. Its robust construction and high-quality materials ensure long-lasting performance, even in high-traffic areas. Additionally, the kiosk incorporates anti-tamper measures and can be securely mounted to prevent theft or unauthorized access, providing peace of mind to both the business and its customers.
Lastly, the GEMINI offers easy installation and maintenance. It comes with a variety of mounting options and can be integrated with existing infrastructure seamlessly. The kiosk’s modular design facilitates quick and hassle-free servicing, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency.

Models and Dimensions

Two 55″ Displays
Exterior Dimensions:
78.2 ″H x 34 ″W x 20.5 ″D
Viewable Area:
47.62”H x 26.79”W

Available in a durable Black or Silver
powder coat finish