EDC Touchless Directory - Free Standing DELTA Kiosk

Introducing EDC Freestanding Digital Kiosks

Experience the ultimate solution for space-constrained areas with our sleek and attractive freestanding digital kiosks. Designed with architectural inspiration and top-notch engineering, these kiosk-style enclosures offer a wide range of screen sizes, from 27″ to 65″.

Crafted to exude sophistication and flexibility, our Premium Series kiosks feature a standard finish of brushed stainless steel and powder coat colors, while the Performance Series kiosks are powder coated for enhanced durability.

Delta Kiosk

The Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality

The Delta slim kiosk is architecturally designed to incorporate a large screen while supporting a low-profile appearance. This kiosk offers unparalleled flexibility for placing a digital directory in your space.

Whether you need an interactive or passive digital building directory, the Delta kiosk is an excellent choice. It not only meets all ADA requirements for wheelchair access but also boasts a heavy-duty stainless-steel construction that can be polished, or powder coated in a wide range of vibrant colors.

Models and Dimensions

DEL27 (27″ Screen)
Exterior Dimensions: 52.07″H x 27.52″W x 2.50″D / Base: 27.52″W x 22.00″D
Viewable Area: 13.23″H x 23.53″W

DEL32 (32″ Screen)
Exterior Dimensions: 54.09″H x 31.50″W x 3.00″D / Base: 31.50″W x 24.00″D
Viewable Area: 15.50″H x 27.50″W


Echelon Kiosk

Elevate Your Space with Unmatched Elegance

Our Echelon free-standing kiosk, with its traditional design adds a touch of sophistication while optimizing floor space with a circular base and a spacious screen for effortless viewing. ADA compliant and available in assorted sizes, the Echelon seamlessly fits into any environment.

Choose between the sleek brushed stainless-steel finish or explore a vibrant array of powder coat colors to perfectly complement your space.

Models and Dimensions

ECH32 (32″ Screen)
Exterior Dimensions: 48.00″H x 31.50″W Base: Round – 12.00″W / Octagon – 16.00″W
Viewable Area: 15.50″H x 27.50″W

ECH43 (43″ Screen)
Exterior Dimensions: 54.27″H x 47.58″W Base: Round – 12.00″W / Octagon – 16.00″W
Viewable Area: 20.84″H x 37.05″W

ECH55 (55″ Screen)
Exterior Dimensions: 50.75″H x 54.62″W Base: Round – 12.00″W / Octagon – 16.00″W

Mirage Kiosk

Redefining Digital Impact

Experience the sleek and seamlessly integrated design of the Mirage free-standing kiosk. Its compact footprint belies the expansive screens that captivate and engage. ADA compliant and available in a range of screen sizes, the Mirage effortlessly adapts to meet your unique requirements.

Choose from the timeless elegance of brushed stainless steel or explore a vibrant array of powder coat colors to match your aesthetic preferences.

Models and Dimensions

MIR43 (43″ Screen)
Exterior Dimensions: 76.75″H x 28.98″W x 3.63″D Base: 36.00″W x 22.00″D
Viewable Area: 37.05″H x 20.84″W

MIR55 (55″ Screen)
Exterior Dimensions: 86.87″H x 32.79″W x 3.625″D Base: 40.00″W x 22.00″D
Viewable Area: 47.62″H x 26.79″W


Navigator Kiosk

Effortless Navigation and Modern Design

Experience the convenience of the Navigator free-standing digital directory kiosk. With its user-friendly interface, visitors can easily find information in a sleek and attractive package. Say goodbye to printed directories and embrace the seamless on-screen navigation. Stay up-to-date with real-time updates, ensuring accurate information at all times. The Navigator enhances efficiency and elevates the visitor experience.

Models and Dimensions

43″ Display
Exterior Dimensions: 53.6″H x 41.9″W x 18.5″D
Viewable Area: 20.84″H x 37.05″W

50″ Display
Exterior Dimensions: 55.0″H x 48.1″W x 18.5″D
Viewable Area: 24.51″H x 43.58″W

55″ Display
Exterior Dimensions: 56.15″H x 52.4″W x 18.5″D
Viewable Area: 26.79″H x 47.62″W

Metropolitan Kiosk

Captivating Visuals, Immersive Experience

Elevate your digital signage and directories with the Metropolitan 55-inch Digital Free-Standing Kiosk. Its impressive size and high-definition display deliver stunning visuals that captivate your audience and leave a lasting impact. With its sleek design and immersive features, the Metropolitan ensures an engaging experience for showcasing information.

Models and Dimensions

55″ Display
Exterior Dimensions: 73.6″H x 30.3″W x 17.7″D
Viewable Area: 47.62″H x 26.79″W


Gemini Kiosk

Engage, Impress, Protect

Enhance your business or organization with the versatile Gemini Free-Standing Double-Sided Kiosk. Its sleek and modern design adds a professional touch to any environment, optimizing space with its double-sided portrait orientation. With two high-resolution displays, this kiosk delivers vibrant visuals that can be customized for dynamic content, captivating your audience with advertisements, announcements, and interactive applications. Available in a durable Black or Silver powder coat finish.

Models and Dimensions

Two – 55″ Displays
Exterior Dimensions: 78.2″H x 34″W x 20.5″D
Viewable Area: 47.62″H x 26.79″W