Custom Digital Signage Boards

EDC specializes in both retro-fitting new digital directories into existing directory spaces and creating enclosures from the customer’s plans or concepts. Our twenty years of experience creating custom enclosures makes EDC the right choice when choosing a company to bring your vison to life.

When retro-fitting a digital directory into an existing space, we will design and engineer a custom directory to the exact measurements of your old building directory’s space. EDC will send out a local representative to your location to do a site survey and take exact measurements so that the new enclosure fits perfectly upon delivery.

If the customer is providing architectural drawings or design concepts, we will have our industrial designer and mechanical engineer create, plan and style each custom enclosure with a number of factors in mind, including usability, ergonomics and aesthetics. We also consider current market trends and future needs to make certain you receive many years of usability.

Our team works closely with all of our customers to make certain that their custom directory project meets or exceeds their expectations.

Custom Digital Directory Examples