EDC Interactive Directory - Recessed Enclosure

Custom Digital Directories

EDC: Your Vision, Brought to Life. With our expertise in retrofitting digital directories and creating custom enclosures, we are the ultimate choice. With two decades of experience, we possess the know-how to transform your concepts into reality.
For retrofitting projects, we take meticulous care to design and engineer a custom directory that precisely fits the measurements of your existing space. A local representative will conduct a site survey, ensuring precise measurements for a flawless fit upon delivery.
When customers supply architectural drawings or design concepts, our industrial designer and mechanical engineer collaborate to craft each custom enclosure. Usability, ergonomics, and aesthetics are paramount considerations, as we anticipate current trends and future needs, guaranteeing years of functionality.
At EDC, we pride ourselves on close collaboration with our customers, ensuring that every custom directory project not only meets but exceeds expectations.
Choose EDC to bring your vision to life and experience excellence like never before.