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Our Story

Embracing the Future of Digital Communication – EDC’s Journey

In 2003, amid the rapid digital evolution, EDC was born with a vision to transform the way we perceive, interact, and engage with our surroundings. Spearheaded by Patrick Dimperio, a serial entrepreneur with a knack for recognizing the pulse of the digital age, EDC emerged as a leader in the realm of digital directories and signage solutions.

Patrick’s rich legacy in founding businesses that thrived on interactive technologies and multimedia set the tone for EDC’s journey. His profound expertise, drawn from a dynamic background in technical consulting, marketing, sales, and fortified by a degree in computer science and mathematics, has been the guiding compass for EDC’s meteoric rise.

Under Patrick’s guidance as CEO, a stellar executive team took form.

John Pasternack, leading as the Director of Technical Services, has been instrumental in ensuring that our technological solutions remain top-notch.

Vanessa Munoz, our Manager of Business Development, brings an unparalleled strategy for growth.

Tania Moreira, Manager of Business Services, ensures our operations flow seamlessly.

Each of these stalwarts boasts over a decade of dedication to the EDC family, further cementing our reputation for excellence and stability in the industry.

EDC has been more than just a business; it’s been a passion project, ensuring that spaces, whether commercial or public, are enhanced with cutting-edge digital solutions that resonate with contemporary audiences. Today, EDC is synonymous with innovation, quality, and unparalleled customer experience, and as we look to the future, our story continues to evolve, bolstered by an elite team and an unwavering commitment to excellence.