Revolutionizing Today’s Workspaces

Content-Driven Conferencing Dive into a world of enriched digital content tailored specifically for conference rooms, meeting spaces, and hybrid work environments with SmartSpace by EDC. This system is created to streamline your workday with a medley of user-friendly content options.

Universal Compatibility SmartSpace effortlessly syncs with almost every tablet and operating system out there. This ensures unparalleled flexibility in its deployment, allowing you to focus more on the content it showcases.

Real-Time Updates One of its hallmark content features is the real-time display of scheduled meetings, integrated seamlessly with both Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar. A simple look gives you insight into the day’s agenda. Plus, for those navigating the co-working space, SmartSpace’s Desktop Reservations feature is a game-changer, displaying booking details either right outside the room or prominently in the lobby.

Customizable Aesthetics Choose from an array of pre-designed backgrounds, or let your building’s unique branding shine. SmartSpace doesn’t just function efficiently; it adds an aesthetic layer to your space, making it not just a device, but a decor element.

Unlimited Possibilities & Customization We’re not just about appearances; we’re about delivering what you envision. Customization comes without extra fees. In fact, we customize your tablets to ensure they’re the perfect fit for your needs.

Works Great, Globally Embrace a world of localization and internationalization with SmartSpace. We understand the global nature of businesses today:

· Available in 16 languages straight out of the box.

· Easily add support for any language by adjusting a simple translation file.

· Update date & time formats in line with your locale.

· And yes, we cater to Right-to-left languages too, ensuring inclusivity.

Efficiency in Room Utilization Move beyond just bookings and into intelligent space management. With SmartSpace, you get insights that help in maximizing your available space:

· Dive deep into analytics to diagnose why you might be running out of meeting room space.

· Get insights into which rooms are booked the most.

· The system can automatically cancel meetings if it detects a no-show, ensuring optimal utilization.

· Guide your team with clear indicators of when rooms are mostly available, making it easier to find meeting spaces.

Seamless Integration The platform-as-a-service structure of SmartSpace encapsulates its magic. No more grappling with separate software and hardware dilemmas. Everything you need, from dynamic content displays to scheduling tools, is housed within this sleek, consolidated package.

Empower Productivity So, whether you’re looking to optimize content for shared desk reservations, foster collaboration through a digital medium in hybrid work settings, or simply want a streamlined space management tool, SmartSpace by EDC is your answer.

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