Pioneering the Next Era of Digital Displays

A Digital Renaissance with SmartBoard Digital signage has transformed the way businesses and organizations communicate and interact with their audience. At the heart of compelling digital signage is a dynamic range of applications and content suitable for diverse markets – from retail, hospitality, and healthcare to corporate settings, education sectors, and public spaces. Showcase the latest promotional offers, deliver HD video content, or present important news updates.

Versatile Content Integration The power of digital signage is amplified with the diversity and flexibility of its content. EDC’s intuitive software allows you to diversify your content mediums, from static visuals to HD videos, making content refreshment straightforward. Transition from traditional promotional posters to informative videos. SmartBoard’s suite provides customizable design templates suitable for various industries, ensuring relevancy and engagement.

Endless Display Possibilities Every industry has its unique communication needs. From showcasing boutique offerings with vivid product videos in retail spaces to flashing instructional content in classrooms or critical government announcements paired with interactive QR codes in public spaces. Adjust content schedules to adapt to different industry timelines and swiftly adapt as market dynamics change.

Craftsmanship Meets Digital Innovation SmartBoard sets a new standard in digital displays. It’s the perfect tool for industries aiming to present a mix of informative and promotional content through vibrant videos and compelling displays. Whether spotlighting services in healthcare waiting rooms, playing educational content in schools, or offering a directory near corporate elevators, SmartBoard’s mobility and clarity ensure it remains a centerpiece of digital interaction.

SmartBoard Content Highlights:

· HD Video Integration

· Live News Streaming

· Cloud-Based Content Management

· Scheduled Content Updates

· Customizable Design Templates

· Static Visuals & Graphics

· QR Code Integrations

· Informative Tickers

This varied content palette ensures that SmartBoard by EDC can cater to the unique communication needs of any industry or setting.

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