Surface Mount

Introducing the ADA Series: Our premium line of ADA-compliant electronic directory enclosures, proudly engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A. Choose from 22″, 32″, 43″, 50″, 55”, 65″, and 75″ screen sizes. Easily attachable to any wall surface, in horizontal or vertical orientations. Featuring brushed stainless-steel finishes and various powder coat colors.

ADA Series enclosures ensure ventilation, longer component life, and enhanced security with locks. For size options and dimensions, see below. Smaller sizes are perfect for space-constrained digital directories, while larger screens offer versatility with streaming information such as news, weather, slide shows, maps, and other apps.

Our design team helps you choose the right fit. We design the screens, load your content onto a media player, and test the components within the ADA enclosure for a smooth installation. Our products are turn-key and ready to operate out of the box. Elevate your space with the ADA Series from EDC.

ADA Surface Mount Horizontal

Models and Dimensions

ADA22H (22” Screen)
Available upon request. Minimum order applies to this model.

ADA32H (32” Screen)
Exterior Dimensions: 22.50”H x 32.00“W x 4”D
Viewable Area: 15.50”H x 27.50”W

ADA43H (43” Screen)
Exterior Dimensions: 28.40”H x 41.24”W x 4”D
Viewable Area: 20.84”H x 37.05”W

ADA50H (50” Screen)
Exterior Dimensions: 30.92”H x 49.42”W x 4”D

ADA55H (55” Screen)
Exterior Dimensions: 34.78”H x 53.20”W x 4”D
Viewable Area: 26.79”H x 47.62”W

ADA65H (65” Screen)
Exterior Dimensions: 42.00“H x 62.35”W x 4”D
Viewable Area: 31.75”H x 56.35”W

ADA75H (75” Screen)
Available upon request.

EDC Interactive Directory - Custom Surface Mount Enclosure

ADA Surface Mount Vertical

Models and Dimensions

ADA22V (22” Screen)
Available Upon Request

ADA32V (32” Screen)
Exterior Dimensions: 34.50”H x 19.50“W x 4”D
Viewable Area: 27.50”H x 15.50”W

ADA43H (43” Screen)
Exterior Dimensions: 44.24”H x 25.04”W x 4”D
Viewable Area: 37.05”H x 20.84”W

ADA50V (50” Screen)
Exterior Dimensions: 51.42”H x 30.54”W x 4”D

ADA55V (55” Screen)
Exterior Dimensions: 56.87”H x 32.79”W x 4”D
Viewable Area: 47.62”H x 26.79”W

ADA65V (65” Screen)
Exterior Dimensions: 65.60“H x 37.75”W x 4”D
Viewable Area: 56.35”H x 31.75”W

ADA75V (75” Screen)
Available upon request.